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About Us

Although EMF Motorcycle Parts & Accessories wasn't established until 1989, every member of its team started this motorcycle addiction at birth. We are truly motorcycle nuts that live, eat, and breathe motorcycles, and we love to ride on and off road. In fact, we close on holidays to feed our riding addiction.
All of us adore the sport and what it brings to our lives. For this reason, we're always finding ways to make the bikes we love run better, faster, and more dependably. Our passion for the sport is constantly changing, just like the ride and the motorcycles.

A Word from Owner Mark Madson

"Since I was a kid, I've always been into the motorcycle thing. I never bought a new bike. It was always something I had to fix. (My dad and I) would tear it apart and restore it."
The team with EMF Motorcycle Parts & Accessories has raced in both drag and flat track and has more than 50 years of combined knowledge in engine building and metal fabrication. We continually strive to make our shop and sport better, keeping up with the newest products in the motorcycle industry.
Contact our motorcycle shop in Morgan Hill, California, for 5k, 10k, and 20k services completed within 24 hours.